Yoga Circle Downtown

Class Description

Alignment & Form:

Designed for first timers and as a re-fresh-er for the seasoned practitioner. Focus is on the details of alignment, form and breath work.

Hatha Blend:

Perfect for those who do not like a vigorous flow. Whether because of injuries, age, weight, inexperience or simply not in the mood, this class is perfect when you want to take it a little easy and yet still enjoy the full range of Yoga benefits.

Heart Open Flow:

An invigorating, inspiring practice. Connect to yourself by connecting to your heart

Lunch Hour Yoga:

A one Hour complete practice. Restore, revitalize and energize on your lunch break. All levels welcome.

Moonlight Yoga:

The perfect end to a long day. Flow into stillness, decompress and prepare the mind and body for a peaceful nights sleep.

Power Flow:

Fun, Fun, Fun! Challenge your limits and evolve your Practice.

Radiant Flow:

Generate some serious heat flowing through Vinyasa and Kriya. By classes end, you’ll be glowing both inside and out!

Solar Flow:

Flow between and within poses powered by the creative energies of the sun. Warm up like the rising sun and cool down like a beautiful sunset.

Sunrise Flow:

Awaken your breathe, your powerful body, your balanced mind in this invigorating morning flow. Create heat to keep your fires burning throughout the day..

Therapeutic Yoga for the Back, Neck and Shoulders:

Whether you have an old impact injury, a progressive injury from hunching over a computer, pad or phone or you’d just like some preventative care, this is the PERFECT class for your aching back.

Ashtanga Yoga

An elegantly designed sequence of breath-initiated postures, as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Students will learn the standing and primary sequence and follow their breath. Starting with Surya Namaskars ( Sun Salutations ) and ending with a closing series. The practice is enriched by sensitive hands-on adjustments from the teacher.

Yoga & Meditation:

Strengthen, lengthen and cleanse via Asanas (postures) and Kriya (cleansing movement). Then sink into stillness via Pranayama (breath work) and Yoga Nidra (meditation)

Hatha-Kundalini Yoga:

A powerful combination of Hatha Asanas and Kundalini Kriyas. The meridians (nerve paths) are stimulated to revitalize the glandular and nervous system as well as purify and elevate the ten bodies, the seven chakras and the aura, building a deeper connection to our spiritual selves and a stronger healthier body. An excellent class for those with wrist problems.

Ayurvedic Yoga:

Learn and practice the fundamentals of the sister sciences Yoga & Ayurveda as they come together to form a complete approach for optimal health, vitality and higher awareness. Combining a strong emphasis on various forms of Pranayama (breathwork), Asana (postures), Mantra, and Meditation, you will cultivate a custom practice based on your own body’s constitution and ultimately be your best you.

Restorative Yoga:

Utilize props like the blankets, bolsters, straps and blocks to support, protect and open the body. Experience Pranayama (breath work), Adhara Asana (supported poses) and Meditation to stimulate and rejuvenate the Parasympathetic Nervous System allowing stress to evaporate. Leave luxuriating in a thorough Restoral of your natural state of Asaya (Balance).

1 = Beginning
Mixed Level = All levels welcome
2-3* = Intermediate-Advanced
*Not recommended for absolute beginners.