Yoga Circle Downtown

Corporate & Private One on One Yoga Classes

Price varies depending on your needs.

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20 minutes a day that can change your life

One of the best things you can do for yourself is incorporate a daily Yoga practice into your routine. Taking care of the inner life of our body is as important as brushing your teeth and it won’t take much longer. In this session we’ll work with you to develop a simple 20 minute practice that you can do everyday. You’ll leave the session with a hand drawn chart or a video on your smart phone of your Yoga practice to follow along with at home. This session lasts about 75 mins.

People are talking:

My only regret is that I did not see Knekoh sooner. I have spent far too many $$$$ and hours going back and forth to my chiropractor, doctor and physical therapist. After my first session with Knekoh, I experienced pain relief that I had not known in years. She set me up with a practice that was easy to follow at home and after a couple of weeks I was pain free. Wow!!! Knekoh is a brilliant healer and human. -Frank E.

Oh WOW!!! More than I expected or could hope for. What a life changing treat this session was. Thank You! -Chris C.

Private one-on-one and small group classes designed with you in mind.

Perhaps you are just starting a Yogic practice and would like some one-on-one attention to deepen your practice. Or perhaps you are recovering from an injury or you live with a disability in which group classes would be too much. This is the perfect solution. We are the Back, Neck and Shoulder recovery experts. Don’t spend another day in pain. We also specialize in Yoga to aid in Cancer Recovery , Yoga tools for Parkinson’s disease management, Weight reduction, Pre-Natal Care, Yoga for Athletes to Improve your Game especially Golf and Tennis and much much more.

Please note, once booked, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy for our One on One classes. Thank You

People are talking:

Knekoh holds the best yoga practice downtown and did more for my recovery in one visit than all of my physical therapy appointments. She cares about her students and is very attentive to their needs. -Amy D.

Knekoh has changed my life. I came to her suffering from old injuries that I thought were just something I had to live with.  I have my body back now and yoga has given me new stamina and a pain free, joyful existence.  -Patti B.

On-site Corporate Yoga instruction: These classes are always tailored to your needs.

Whether you would like to have a full on Yogic work out, a bliss-filled Meditational session or somewhere in between, we’ll design a class just for you. These classes are a perfect way for staff to reduce stress and become happier and more productive in the workplace.

Yoga in the Workplace (A Workshop)

Popular during Wellness Week. We all know that spending time hunched over a computer is devastating for the back, neck, shoulders and eyes.  This detailed class educates your employees in ways to quickly refresh throughout the workday via mini meditations and Yoga from the office chair. We provide a handout for the employees to keep and refer back to on the techniques learned in the workshop. This  75 minute class is a perfect addition to your annual Wellness Week or an anytime workshop and is perfectly suited to the workplace environment.

A few of our clients include:

  • Metropolitan Water District
  • Sunrise Brands
  • Peace over Violence
  • Cartoon Network
  • Loyola Law School
  • TheWrap
  • First 5 LA
  • Miss Me
  • Chevy Chase Library

What some of our clients are saying:

“Community Coalition can sometimes be a high stress work place due to the nature of our work. When we decided to start offering yoga, Yoga Circle Downtown was accommodating and designed yoga classes that met the needs of every Community Coalition staff member. We love starting our week with a great work out and positive energy.”

-H.Sheikh, Community Coalition

“Knekoh and her staff at Downtown Yoga Circle have been fantastic. In Five years, not one instructor has called in sick or even been late to class. The one time an instructor needed to be absent, Knekoh told me about it months ahead of time and arranged for a substitute so the class was seamless. I really love dealing with Knekoh, she is responsive, communicative, and professional. I highly recommend Downtown Yoga Circle.”

-M. Mead, Metropolitan Water District.

“Two Years ago I had hip surgery to repair a torn gluteus medius muscle and tendon. After the surgery and intensive physical therapy, I still had severe pain and difficulty walking. After working with Knekoh on specific Yoga exercises, I have improved muscle strength; my walking has improved as has my energy level. Thanks to Knekoh, I am now able to do so much more.”

-Dr. R. Patel MD