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Downtown Los Angeles’ Premiere Yoga Studio. Offering an exceptional staff of experienced teachers, a clean, beautiful space in the historic San Fernando building and a community of like minded souls. Delivering health, strong bodies, and happiness since 1999.


Please Scroll Down, our regular studio schedule is listed below the following important information

Attention BEGINNERS, we get asked all the time, “Which classes are meant for Beginners?” Well, here at Yoga Circle we’re “old school” so all of the classes here are meant to be mixed level just as traditions allows. We strive to offer adjustments to make a pose either easier or more challenging to satisfy the desires of each individual in each class. We suggest you check out all the teachers and find the perfect match for you. If you are not sure where to start, pick the perfect time slot and start there. Take advantage of the New Student Special (2 Weeks unlimited for $35) and you can do just that for one low price. ALSO IMPORTANT, at 12noon on the First Saturday of the Month we offer a Free class just for beginners, Alignment and Breath. In this class we cover all the details of the practice. So, if you feel confused in any of the other classes this is just what you need. One last point, if you are new to Yoga, we’d definitely recommend you take Jacqui’s Mixed Level Flow before venturing into her Power Flow. Thank You we look forward to seeing you on the mat!

About the schedule:

You’ll notice there are no public group classes listed in the mornings or afternoons on weekdays.
That’s because we’re in studio with individual Yoga Therapy sessions as well as private and small group Yoga classes.
If you’ve been thinking you’d like some one on one attention for injuries, strength building or to simply evolve your understanding of Yoga. We are at your service. Book a Private one to one or group class with your favorite teacher today!              We even make house calls.
For more info, click on the “Private and Corporate Classes” tab above or give us a call on 213-804-1133.
If you’d like to join us for one of our group classes listed below, there is no need to pre-register. Simply show up a few minutes before the class you’d like to take, settle in and enjoy your class.
See you on the mat.


  • 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, Lunch Hour YogaA one Hour complete practice. Restore, revitalize and energize on your lunch break. All levels welcome. with KnekohKnekoh Fruge
  • 6:00 pm to 7:25 pm, Yin Flow

    Flow into Strength and Stretch your way to health and happiness.

    with Stephen
  • 7:35 pm to 8:55 pm, Simple Flow with KnekohKnekoh Fruge



  • 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, Lunch Hour YogaA one Hour complete practice. Restore, revitalize and energize on your lunch break. All levels welcome. with KnekohKnekoh Fruge
  • 6:00 pm to 7:25 pm, Radiant Flow and Meditation with KnekohKnekoh Fruge
  • 7:35 pm to 8:55 pm, Restorative YogaUtilize props like the blankets, bolsters, straps and blocks to support, protect and open the body. Experience Pranayama (breath work), Adhara Asana (supported poses) and Meditation to stimulate and rejuvenate the Parasympathetic Nervous System allowing stress to evaporate. Leave luxuriating in a thorough Restoral of your natural state of Asaya (Balance). with Rachel



  • 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, Yoga & MeditationA gentle though active practice in which the body is strengthen, lengthened and cleansed via Asanas (postures) and Kriya (cleansing movement). Once the body is thoroughly opened, Meditation will be taught using Pranayama (breathwork) and Consciousness Kriya techniques to guide the mind into stillness. All levels welcome. with KnekohKnekoh Fruge
  • 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, Yoga Flow Mixed LevelAll levels welcome -- Postures are linked via a connective movement (Vinyasa) and powerful breathwork. Enjoy all the benefits of the Yogic practice while moving at a pace that will increase heart rate, heat, and stamina. with Jacqui



  • 10:30 am to 12:00 pm, Solar Flow with Rob
  • 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, Yoga Flow Mixed LevelAll levels welcome -- Postures are linked via a connective movement (Vinyasa) and powerful breathwork. Enjoy all the benefits of the Yogic practice while moving at a pace that will increase heart rate, heat, and stamina. with Rachel

No need to pre-register on-line, we have a spacious 1200 sq ft practice room. Simply show up a few minutes before the class you would like to take to sign in.

You may purchase a new mat in the studio ($25 and up) or if you prefer you may rent one of the studio mats for $1.

Please arrive early for check in (but no earlier than 15 minutes). Please turn off cell phones/ pagers.  Your body will heat up during practice so please refrain from wearing perfume to class and please make sure that both you and your clothes are clean so that body odor is not an issue. Please turn off cell phones/ pagers. Late arrivals will have to be buzzed in, so please arrive on time.  Thank you.


A few words on the basics of the practice:

Yoga means Union. Hatha Yoga is the Union of the body (pose, asana), the breath (pranayama) and the consciousness.
     The side effect of this unification is an incredible workout.

We specialize in Breathing.
How so? When the Yogic breath (ujjaii) is sustained throughout the practice, incredible amounts of heat are generated from the inside out.
It’s this internal heat that burns calories, cleanses the physical body and boosts happiness and well being in the mind. Studies have shown that the breathing is key to Yoga’s overall benefit.
The benefits of this internally generated heat cannot be mimicked through an external heat source, that’s why we focus so much attention on making sure all of our clients are engaging deep yogic breathing in good safe poses.

We specialize in Alignment and Form
The second most important factor is alignment in a pose (asana) as well as the form moving in and out of the shape.
People who get hurt practicing Yoga do not do so because Yoga is unsafe but because the pose was poorly positioned. These poses are incredibly beneficial when executed properly. We know that just as the skull of each person creates our unique face, so do all the other bones create just as unique a skeleton. No two faces are alike, no two poses are alike. We work with our clients as individuals to make sure each achieves their unique perfect pose that is ever evolving. Important because these poses support the breath and the breath is where the magic happens!

We Specialize in Meditation
Probably the most important aspect of the Yogic triad is the single pointed focus (pratyahara) this unification creates. We work continually with the point of focus (dristi) in each pose to make sure our clients are ever present in the asana. A constant reminder to let go the wandering mind and to Be Here Now with this pose, with this breath, with this point evolving the mind to maintain this level of focus even off the mat. This practice of focus trains the mind for meditation.
Studies have shown the simple act of quieting the mind (meditation) has incredible health benefits including reducing stress and anxiety AND increasing creativity, focus and happiness both on and off the Yoga mat.

We specialize in this Union, this Yoga of body, breath and consciousness.
We specialize in Happiness!!!

Ujjaii: Yogic breathing for your active practice. 
Sit or stand tall and try this; As if your were going to fog up a mirror, open your mouth and blow, haaahh. Try again. Now inhale that way as well. hhaaah
Feel how that act opens your throat. Try again.
Now close your mouth, inhale that way but now, through the nose and feel that same opening in your throat. This is the diaphragm in your throat opening. Youʼll notice you can hear yourself breathing. Thatʼs perfect. You”ve probably noticed, you do not hear people breathing when they are awake but the minute they fall asleep it gets long, it gets deep, it gets audible. Thatʼs the breath we are looking for. We use this breath in cycles when we sleep at night to cleanse and detoxify and rejuvenate the body. Thatʼs why we are using it here in our Yogic practice, only now we get to create openings in the body via the poses for a more thorough cleansing. Some people pull so hard on the breathe when they sleep, they cause a rattling as it flows through that opening and they begin to snore. So letʼs not pull so hard that we snore. But you should most definitely hear yourself breathe.
During our waking moments our breathing uses about 50% of our lung capacity, that’s normal, but when we sleep at night we use 100%. So letʼs copy that and take in air to 100%. Inhale through the nose, open the throat and fill your lungs. When you canʼt inhale another drop, exhale and empty your lungs fully, blowing all that stale air out through your nose. Remember this is nose breathing only. Now check your shoulders, they should not lift with the breath but more a sense of widening across the chest and upper back. On the inhale a muscle just above the belly, our diaphragm, pulls down and opens the lungs. As it pulls down to fill the lungs, it pushes the belly out. As you exhale the diaphragm rises and the belly falls. So you could call this belly breathing. Always lift the ribcage up into itʼs proper position, spread across the collar bone and extend all 24 vertebra to create a sense of space. Fill your lungs each and every time you take a breath. Empty your lungs every time you exhale. Keep this breath going throughout your Hatha Yoga practice.

Samastithi or Balanced Awareness (The basis of all the standing postures AND Itʼs also good posture to live by)
Stand with your feet together on 6 points of balance. Under the heel, behind the big toe and behind the last 2 toes. Gravity is constantly pulling us downward toward the earth. Our energy holds us up. We acknowledge this energy and encourage it by lifting ever upward. This is not something we need to imagine or pretend but is something that is ever present battling gravity. We are merely bringing our attention to this fact and encouraging it.
Feel the energy being drawn from the earth through your feet. Lift this energy through your lower legs, your upper legs, over your buttocks and lift  through your center. Your center is comprised of the 3 bandhas; Mula bandha, Uddiyana bandha and Jalandhara badha.
Mula bandha is located at and is the pelvic floor. These are the muscles youʼd lift and hold when you need to go to the restroom really bad. For instance, girls feel the vaginal cavity while the boys feel the scrotum and both feel the sphincter. All lifting. By moving through Mula bandha youʼll begin to feel the abdominals and psoas (just at the front of your spinal colume) start to lift as well. This is Uddhiayana. It feels as if you are trying to lift your belly button from deep inside.
Breathe, deep Ujjaii!
Notice with the breath how the diaphragm just at the floor of the throat opens on the inhale pulling in droughts of fresh oxygen and how on the exhale we find lift. Continue to breathe and explore this area. You’ve found the third bandha, Jalandhara.
All 3 diaprhaghms, the bandhas, our center, lift on the inhale.
A wonderful concept to contemplate is that though there is a physical lowering on the exhale, our energy is forever lifting up. Don’t fall in your center, once you do, gravity begins to take over and we are being literally weighed down by our own physical mass.
Do not grip or scrunch or bear down but lift into, both soft and strong.
A soft strength beginning at your center and expanding ever outward all the way to and past your fingertips, toe tips hair tips.
Feel all 24 vertebra lifting, stacking one upon the other. Your spine is a long, gradual double “S” curve. Do not emphasize these curves. They are long and gradual. Breath into the space between vertebra to create even more space. Feel the ribcage lifting and opening. Feel your collar bones reaching wide to create your shoulders. Check that your shoulders do not tilt forward or hunch up. If your shoulders roll forward you create stress, so let’s avoid that. Feel the arms extending down from your shoulders with your hands rotating out. The bend in your elbow, the bend in your wrist and your palms should all face forward.
Feel as if your chin were propped on a shelf, neither tilted up or down. Feel as if your head were floating above the spine as opposed to sitting on it. Remember our energy holds us up, so do not allow anything to rest on what is below. Eyes are open wide focused at a point directly out front. This gaze point is your dristi.
Stand here and breath Ujjaii for a minute or so then continue on with your practice. Remember that all standing poses are Samastithi, we change the shape of the body but we do not let go of how the energy moves through us and how we use the bandhas to support and protect. As we move, every move begins at our center and with the breath, both in our Yoga Practice and throughout our day.

See you on the mat!

Winter Solstice Celebration

Celebrate the longest night of the year and the coming of the light
with our annual Winter Solstice Yoga and Sound Bath w/ Knekoh and Rita
Friday Dec 21 at 8pm

Alignment and Breath w/ Knekoh

The perfect place to begin your Yoga Practice. 
Designed for first timers and as a re-fresh-er for the seasoned practitioner. 
Focus is on the details of alignment, form and breath work. 
Free Class 
Saturday December 1

Prepare to Fly on the 2nd Saturday of the Month; An Arm Balance and Inversion Workshop with Jacqui

Learn to Fly! December 8, 2:30-5pm  An Arm Balance and Inversion practice. Designed to strengthen the core and build body strength as we work from the ground up. With this strong foundation, we’ll construct each pose with integrity, understanding and confidence.

Suggested donation only $10