About Yoga Circle

Yoga means union. Hatha Yoga is the union of the body (pose, asana), the breath (pranayama) and the consciousness.

The side effect of this unification is an incredible workout and peak physical conditioning.

It all begins with the breath.

We specialize in breathing.

When the yogic breath ujjayi is sustained throughout the practice, incredible amounts of energy (heat) is generated from the inside out as oxygen fuels the cells. In a rather simple yet sophisticated process, oxygen is taken into the lungs and transported via our red blood cells throughout the entire body. Our cells then utilize the oxygen to convert the body’s stores of sugars and fat into energy (heat).

It’s this internal heat generation that burns calories, cleanses the physical body, and boosts happiness and mental well being. Studies have shown that the breathing is key to Yoga’s overall benefit.

Furthermore, the benefits of this internally generated heat cannot be mimicked through an external heat source. That’s why we focus much attention on making sure all students engage deep yogic breathing in good, safe poses.

We specialize in alignment and form.

The second most important factor is alignment in a pose (asana), combined with the form moving in and out of the shape.

People who get hurt practicing Yoga do not do so because Yoga is unsafe. Rather, it’s because the pose was poorly positioned or the move in or out (vinyasa) was not practiced safely. These poses are incredibly beneficial when executed properly.

Just as each person’s skull structures each unique face, all the other bones of the body create a skeleton equally unique. No two faces are alike, no two bodies are alike, and therefore, no two poses are alike.

We work with our clients as individuals to make sure all achieve their unique, ever-evolving, perfect pose. This is important because these poses support the breath… and the breath is where the magic happens!

We specialize in meditation.

Probably the most important aspect of the yogic triad is the single-pointed focus (pratyahara) this unification creates. We work continually to make sure our students are present in the asana and in the breath to remain in pratayahara. Students are taught to still the wandering mind and to “be here now” with this pose, with this breath, and with this point of focus.

In so doing, we’re training the mind to maintain focus, even off the mat. This practice of focus prepares the mind for meditation.

Studies have shown the simple act of quieting the mind (meditation) has incredible health benefits. This includes reducing stress and anxiety, as well as increasing creativity, focus, and happiness both on and off the Yoga mat.

We specialize in this union… this Yoga of body, breath and consciousness.

We specialize in peace, mental clarity, and happiness!