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DTLA's Premiere Yoga Studio A community sanctuary for traditional Yoga, meditation, and healing.

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Welcome and Namaste…

Since 1999, Yoga Circle Downtown has proudly delivered the benefits of Yoga to the Los Angeles area. We offer an exceptional staff of experienced teachers, a beautiful practice space in the historic San Fernando Building, and a community of like-minded souls. Join us and discover wellness, strength, and happiness!


Yoga Therapy

Physical, mental, or disease pain?
Find relief with Yoga.

The Healing Center at Yoga Circle Downtown is at your disposal, offering the ancient tradition of healing with Yoga. Integrate techniques to combat and cope with injuries, diseases, stress, and anxiety.


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Corporate Yoga

Yoga in the workplace.
Ease team stress and boost productivity & happiness!

Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly onsite options available. Whether you’re looking for a full-on Yogic workout, a bliss-filled meditation session, or something in between, we’ll create a class or workshop just for your team.


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Private Sessions

One-to-one or small group Yoga classes?
We are at your service.

Receive personalized, one-to-one instruction from your favorite YCD teacher. Fine-tune your form and deepen your practice. Whether you’re new to Yoga or an intermediate or advanced practitioner, we’ll design a class just for you.


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Teacher Training

Expand your practice, learn to teach, and connect with community.
It’s time.

Knekoh Frugé, C-IAYT, YTRx and Rob Zabel, MA, E-RYT team up to deliver a comprehensive Yoga Alliance-Certified Teacher Training Program. Discover the depth and breadth of the ancient interdisciplinary tradition that is Yoga.


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We're Live Streaming

We’re using Zoom as well as Instagram.
You do not need a Zoom account

Group Classes are listed below; Send an email for private one to one’s and Yoga Therapy.

For Zoom, please send an email to at least 15 mins before the class you want to take and we will send to you the link for that class and get you signed up to receive daily links.

For Instagram simply follow @yogacircledowntown, be on at the designated time and tune in to @yogacircledowntown when we go live.

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Satellite Classes

Group Yoga Classes Around Greater Los Angeles

Yoga Circle Downtown partners with communities and organizations to host public satellite classes across the city.

Free Community Class: Eng/Span Bilingual Yoga

Students practising yoga at Free Community Class: Eng/Span Bilingual YogaWhen: On Winter Break
Returns Spring 2020
Where: The Welcome Pavilion,
Los Angeles State Historical Park,
1315 N. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90012


Connect with community and start your weekend right at this family-friendly class taught in English and Spanish. Experience open air yoga in a unique setting under the DTLA skyline. No sign-up necessary; all levels welcome.

Yoga at the Chevy Chase Library

Students practising yoga at Yoga at the Chevy Chase LibraryWhen: Saturdays, 9:00 - 10:00 am
Where: Chevy Chase Library,
3301 E Chevy Chase Dr.,
Glendale, CA 91206


Flow through vinyasa right into the heart of meditation in this beautiful mid-century library nestled in the serene hills above Glendale. Who knows… you may see a deer or two peek in through the windows!

Cost: 10 weeks for $150
Registration/pre-payment required through the City of Glendale. Register by phone: tel:1-818-548-2184

Our Prices


Single Classes

Drop-ins Welcome

Or pay what you can; support us and we’ll support you! Donations – in studio only.

Learn more about our group class options

From $75

Class Packages

Good for 6 months

Flexibility at a great value!
5, 10, and 20 class packages available.

Check out our class package options!

From $120

Unlimited Yoga

Our most popular option!
Monthly and yearly options available.

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Our Teachers

Meet the talented and dedicated teachers of Yoga Circle Downtown!

Knekoh Frugé

Knekoh Frugé, C-IAYT, YTRx

Knekoh Frugé, our founder, has been practicing Yoga in one form or another for more than 35 years. It all began in 1983 when a moment of kismet brought her to a class at Louisiana State University simply titled “Movement.” Incorporating an eclectic blend of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and more, this class introduced her to the discipline …

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Rob Zabel

Rob Zabel, MA, E-RYT

Spend time with Rob Zabel, and you’ll be amazed at the depth and breadth of his knowledge of all things Yoga! Rob is our resident Yoga philosophy and Sanskrit scholar. An eager student of Yoga and meditation for most of his life, Rob earned his master’s degree from Loyola Marymount University’s acclaimed Yoga Studies program in 2017. …

Read Rob Zabel’s bio

Jacqui Estrada

Jacqui Estrada

Jacqui Estrada’s life was forever altered when profound heartbreak drew her to her first Yoga class at Yoga Circle Downtown in 2013. She realized that her heart called for more than what she already experienced… and knew that she had found the passion she was seeking in Yoga. After years of diligent, committed practice, she took …

Read Jacqui Estrada’s bio

Stephen James

Stephen James

From a young age, Stephen James felt a deep connection with Yoga and knew that it was going to be a big part of his life. “There are few things that make me feel as good as Yoga does,” he says. “Practicing Yoga makes everything in my life brighter and better!” Stephen’s connection with Yoga deepened when …

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Ivorie Jenkins

Ivorie Jenkins, E-RYT

Ivorie Jenkins is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT instructor trained and certified by Annie Carpenter and Noah Mazé. She is also the Director of Programming at Youth Yoga, a local non-profit bringing Yoga and meditation to Los Angeles youth. Ivorie is one of Yoga Circle Downtown’s resident Yoga Therapists currently continuing these …

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Rita Oliveira Turner

Rita Oliveira Turner

Rita Oliveira Turner’s passions for music and spirituality took root at a young age. She first picked up a bassoon at the age of 10, and has been fascinated ever since. At the same time, “I have always been an empath and a seeker of divine connections,” she explains. By the time she acquired her first Tibetan singing …

Read Rita Oliveira Turner’s bio

Ana Ricabal

Ana Ricabal

Exploring dynamic movement has been essential to Ana Ricabal’s life since childhood. “Moving daily allowed me to become more present, find stillness, be mindful, and let go of what wasn’t serving me,” she says. In particular, “Yoga helped me grow stronger and become more flexible and fearless, both on and …

Read Ana Ricabal’s bio

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is a bilingual (English/Spanish) Yoga teacher, meditation facilitator, and reiki practitioner born in Los Angeles, CA. She was introduced to Yoga at the age of 18 when it was offered as a college course at Cal State San Bernardino. She has practiced meditation for the past five years. Struggling with anxiety and …

Read Alex Rodriguez’s bio

Kayli Nishime

Kayli Nishime

Kayli Nishime took her first Yoga class in 2013 at a small studio in Davis, CA. Like many, she found the practice life changing. “I truly believe Yoga was the missing piece during my depression treatment that helped ‘rewire’ my brain,” she says. A former competitive figure skater, Kayli acknowledges that she is a “creator at heart.” …

Read Kayli Nishime’s bio

Jeanne Hancock

Jeanne Hancock

Jeanne Hancock was inspired by spirituality at a very early age, and was drawn to the practice of Yoga as a means to reconnect with her true self. In 2017, she felt a strong call to leave her busy music and fashion career behind, commit to her Yoga practice, and dedicate her life to wellness. A Yoga practitioner for over 15 years, …

Read Jeanne Hancock’s bio

Claudia Zhao

Claudia Zhao

One of Claudia Zhao’s favorites quotes is from the great guru, Ram Dass. He writes in his book, Be Here Now, “begin just where you are”. She knows that the practice of Yoga is about coming to the mat and allowing yourself to go inward. To simply be present in the moment, with the body, with the breath, with the mind. She knows …

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Bianca Reinhardt

Bianca Reinhardt

Bianca Reinhardt discovered Yoga while recovering from shoulder surgery as a student at The University of Bremen in northern Germany. She walked into a class called Power Yoga searching for ways to strengthen and stretch, and realized how good it felt to breathe and move. With her background in gymnastics and rhythmic dance, Bianca …

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Featured Stories & Videos

Since we opened in 1999, Yoga Circle Downtown has evolved into a closely-knit community built upon a passion for traditional Yoga. Learn more about us and the magic surrounding what we do — here’s a collection of articles written by and about us, as well as colorful snippets of life in-studio.

Video of Jaqui as she flows from a headstand to an arm stand - no audio.

Jacqui Is Supergirl

Jacqui flows from one-legged Bakasana to tripod headstand to Eka Pada Koundiyasana I to Eka Pada Koundinyasana II.


Patti Berman enjoying yoga. Something she couldn't do before working with Knekoh.

Patti’s Story

Patti Berman, 68, is dressed in black yoga pants and top, and wearing stylish fuchsia lipstick, even though it’s a weekday morning. I’m meeting with Patti and Knekoh Frugé, her yoga…

Students performing inversion pose in class.

Arm Balance & Inversion Workshop

During our monthly Arm balance and Inversion Workshop, Jacqui works individually with each of our students on various challenging poses, as appropriate. At the end of each workshop, everyone demonstrates what they’re most excited about learning that day. We love seeing these “after” videos. There is always so much joy in the room. Join us, and you, too, can learn to defy gravity, learn how to trust your body, and savor the possibilities.

During our monthly Arm balance and Inversion Workshop, Jacqui works individually with each of our students on various challenging poses, as appropriate. At the end of…

People are Talking…

Check out some of the amazing feedback we’ve received from students and clients. We are so grateful!

Breezy N.
Breezy N.

This place has changed my life from the inside out.

The teachers, the studio, and the meditations are wonderful. I look forward to my time at Yoga Circle every single day. The focus on mind body and spirit is exactly what gets me through the week!”


Rebecca G.
Rebecca G.

Such an incredible studio and staff.

I’ve found my yoga home! I’m so thankful to find such caring and kind people who really want to see me grow and improve. Thank you!”


Jeff O.
Jeff O.

I have practiced yoga around the world,

and Yoga Circle Downtown remains my all-time favorite studio. The yoga is challenging, yet adjusts to all levels. It’s one of the few places with a simply authentic aura wherein I can close my eyes and feel like I’m back on a monastery roof in Nepal. Knekoh and family, dhanyabad!”


Michael K.
Michael K.

To justify venturing downtown for yoga, it has to be

that good. After moving to Pasadena, I still kept coming back. The building has incredible character. The studio itself has high ceilings and a meditative gong. The teachers have contagious smiles. I'd highly recommend Jacqui's classes for the medium to advance student. She is always there to challenge and mentor. For beginners, I'd recommend Rob's Sunday morning class and Knekoh's Alignment and Flow.”


Lester S.
Lester S.

Knekoh was such an amazing instructor. Very fun and

invigorating class. She provided all the materials (other than the mat) and it was definitely different from all the other yoga classes I've done for the past 5 or so years I've been practicing. A must try!”


Hayley E.
Hayley E.

Love Rob's masterful teaching and creative flow.

A rare space of deep soul in a world of soulless hot fitness yoga. If you want to learn, meditate and practice mindfully, this is the best place I've found in the neighborhood.”


Malina T.
Malina T.

For the past week, I've been attending several classes

and this is honestly the best yoga studio that I've been to. [...] intimate environment and variety in classes instructional styles [...] really enjoyed the therapeutic yoga class for neck and shoulders [...] Knekoh is very welcoming and kind! [...] great ambience!”


Lorin B.
Lorin B.

Just finished my first class with Knekoh and I feel great!

She instructed thoroughly but at a steady pace, perfect for a beginner like me. The studio has high ceilings and plenty of space to stretch. Follow instructions on their website on how to enter the building. Blankets and blocks were provided. I'm excited to go back, highly recommended for anybody looking for a yoga studio in DTLA.”


Jeroslyn J.
Jeroslyn J.

Knekoh is amazing. I went for the free class and saw how

Knekoh freestyled the lesson to match the intermediate level of all those in attendance. I fell in love from one visit. I plan on coming back here.”


Regina B.
Regina B.

I have only amazing things to say about this place.

The instructors are incredibly caring and helpful. They have lots of props and flexibility for each individual person... it's a really big space and it doesn't get too crowded either. A very happy beautiful place.”


Christopher E.
Christopher E.

I started going to Yoga Circle Downtown about a year

ago at a time in my life when I needed more serenity and calm in my life. [...] The studio space is gorgeous and has a spiritual vibe, in the broadest sense of that word. There is not a weak instructor on the roster. [...] Thank you Knekoh for creating a space that feels so welcoming, kind, challenging, and like a real community.”


Darcelle M.
Darcelle M.

Took my first class today at this gem of a studio

and enjoyed every minute!”


Loretta S.
Loretta S.

I left there feeling physically rejuvenated, calm, and

clear-minded. Physical treatment was awesome. Great experience!”


Michelle L.
Michelle L.

Yoga Circle DTLA is the best yoga place in town.

I have attended the class of Knekoh, Jaqui Rob and Lea and I would say that they’re really professional yoga teachers. I’m glad to learn new techniques in poses. I’m more into Asthanga but coming to Yoga circle is a different experience because you will get to appreciate all kinds of yoga.”


Elizabeth P.
Elizabeth P.

Love this place.

[...] The instructors are all great and understanding. [...] Love that they have late night classes and weekends that suit my busy schedule.”


Marcel A.
Marcel A.

Definitely my favorite yoga spot in LA!!

Super convenient location downtown and has the best OM teachers I’ve ever experienced. You got to check this place out!”


Yzaura V.
Yzaura V.

Wonderful space to practice in and all the

teachers are so welcoming.”


Joel J.
Joel J.

The owner/teacher Knekoh has found the perfect

yoga formula to balance the spiritual, mind, and body. If LA Latinos want to feel the plumed serpent Quetzalcoatl flying through their soul, this is the place to awaken the spinal cord.”


Steven D.
Steven D.

Great space, great practitioners…

patient and helpful.”


Anastasia J.
Anastasia J.

Every teacher at Yoga Circle is exceptional. Great energy.


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Parking available at ATHENA GARAGE: 415 – 425 S. Main St, Across the street from the studio. $3 for 2 hours with our validation.

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