Rob Zabel

Rob Zabel

Spend time with Rob Zabel, and you’ll be amazed at the depth and breadth of his knowledge of all things Yoga! Rob is our resident Yoga philosophy and Sanskrit scholar. An eager student of Yoga and meditation for most of his life, Rob earned his master’s degree from Loyola Marymount University’s acclaimed Yoga Studies program in 2017.

Rob in Padmasana or Lotus Pose Rob infuses each class with warm energy, in-depth knowledge, profound love of the tradition, and an ever-present smile. The result: a uniquely engaging practice that integrates Yoga philosophy and history; the traditions of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Bhakti (devotion and chanting), and Yoga Therapy; and modern principles of alignment and form. As co-teacher of Yoga Circle Downtown’s Teacher Training program (with studio founder Knekoh Frugé), he instills in aspiring teachers a deeper reverence for the interdisciplinary tradition that is Yoga.

“Whether I’m showing new students how to tune in to their breath, leading group meditations, lecturing on the history of Yoga, or just standing on my head, I am happy to be doing what I love,” he says. “Knowing myself to be blessed to have experienced the light of Yoga, I am now devoted to offering it to every receptive soul: from those trapped by incarceration and drug abuse, to those trapped by chronic pain or their own office walls.”

Rob teaching Sanskrit “Everyone has the key to their own happiness. A good teacher only helps them to find it.”

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