Studio Etiquette & FAQ

Welcome to Yoga Circle Downtown! We build community by providing a peaceful, lighthearted, and empowering practice space for yogis across all ability levels. Please read through these guidelines prior to your first visit to help you settle in.

Studio Etiquette:

Give yourself time to check in and get settled by **arriving a few minutes early, but please no earlier than 15 minutes**. Help us maintain the collective flow and energy of our shared practice by arriving on time — latecomers will have to be buzzed in.

**Cubbies are available** by the door for your shoes and personal items. Let's keep our practice space clean — please **remove your shoes** at the carpeted area by the door before setting up your mat.

And of course, please **turn off your cell phone** prior to class.

Please **do not wear perfume** to class. Fragrances disperse as you heat up throughout the practice. You may love that particular essence, but your neighbor may be allergic. This practice is all about deep breathing. Allow yourself the opportunity to breathe in clean, fresh air deeply.

And perhaps even more important... **make sure you and your clothes are clean. Do be mindful of body odor.** One of the five *niyamas* (positive habits or observances) is *saucha* or cleanliness. Hatha Yoga is a cleansing process that is most effective when you and your clothes are clean.

We thrive on community building and love it when our students connect! Quiet chit-chat before class with those around you is of course fine, but **please be conscious of those seeking to find stillness and quietude before class begins**.

Each teacher enters the studio eager to share their passion for Yoga and reverence for the practice — we consider it our privilege to hold space for our students! **Please honor our shared space and journey by following along with the poses and variations the teacher demonstrates.** Freestyling/deviating off course disrupts the collective energy of the class and is very distracting and confusing for fellow practitioners! If you need help with any pose for any reason, please raise your hand — our teachers are more than happy to provide assistance and further modifications to adjust the pose for your unique body.



Studio Culture

What makes Yoga Circle Downtown different?

At Yoga Circle Downtown, we honor Yogic tradition to the fullest extent while celebrating ever-evolving Yoga culture in the West. What we do is bigger than physical fitness — Yoga is a practice for the mind, body, and soul. The workout happens, but it's a side effect.

All of our classes are designed to be inclusive, challenging and accommodating for practitioners across mixed levels (with the exception of Power Flow, for which we recommend prerequisite knowledge and conditioning.)

Yoga Circle Downtown is and always will be a donation-based studio. Those with limited financial means are always welcome and encouraged to give back with time, services, or energy.

Our teachers teach from the heart and prioritize the breath. We build from the breath to find the poses, and in the poses, we find the moment.

Each individual brings their own unique story to Yoga Circle. The collective energy of this eclectic crew gathering to teach, learn, and explore Yoga embodies our studio's heart and soul.

Is your practice space heated?

All classes at Yoga Circle Downtown are held in a comfortable, non-heated space. Expect to be challenged, find stillness, and generate some serious heat from within through deep Yogic breathing *(ujjayi)*. This internal heat burns calories, cleanses the physical body, and boosts happiness and mental clarity. These benefits cannot be mimicked through an external heat source.

Getting Here and Finding Your Way Around

Where is Yoga Circle Downtown?

Yoga Circle Downtown is located in the lobby of the San Fernando Building on the corner of 4th and Main in DTLA: 400 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Where can I park, and do you validate?

Studio parking is conveniently located across the street at Athena Garage, 415 S. Main St. Parking validation is available for purchase in studio: 3 for 2 hours.

I'm in front of the San Fernando Building — how do I get into the building/studio?

Face the building doors — you'll see a call box on the wall to the right. Dial **032** and one of our teachers will buzz you in. Walk past the elevators toward the back of the lobby; the studio is to the right, next to the leasing office. (Look for the big sign that says "Yoga!")

Where's the restroom?

Restrooms are located two doors down from the studio, on the other side of the leasing office. Ask your teacher for a key. You'll need the key to get back into the lobby, as well.

Group Class Sign-up, Promotions, and Energy Exchange

How do I sign up and pay for group classes and in-studio workshops?

Show up 15 minutes prior to class and sign up on the spot! We accept payments (cash/credit card/checks) in studio.

I want to practice Yoga, but my cash flow is limited. What are my options?

Financial hardship should *never* be a barrier to practicing Yoga. Per tradition, Yoga Circle Downtown is a donation-based studio at heart. Donations are accepted in studio on a per-class basis. Come to class and pay what you can afford.

Members of our Yoga community also have the option of trading services and skills for classes through our energy exchange program (minimum three months commitment required).

As with all donation/energy exchanges, we encourage you to let karma be your guide. Please [send us a message](/contact/) or speak with Knekoh directly for more information.

I purchased a Groupon for Yoga Circle Downtown. What should I know?

Simply print out and present your Groupon to your teacher prior to class and you're good to go!

***Please note:*** *Limit one Groupon per person, non-transferable. Groupons are limited to new students or those who haven't practiced with us in the last six months.* Financial hardship should *never* be a barrier to practicing Yoga. We want to see you on the mat — if money is an issue, please speak with us once your Groupon package expires about possible payment options.

Also, please be aware that Groupon is an advertising platform — the money you spend there goes to and through them, leaving only a small percentage for the business Groupon is advertising. If you found us through Groupon, please purchase there, as Groupon has done its job in connecting us to you. But, if you found us independently of Groupon, please purchase directly with us in support of our lovely space. **Take advantage of one of our New Student Specials ($35 for two weeks or $49 for one month); the cost to you is the same.**

Private Sessions, Corporate Yoga, and Yoga Teacher Training

How do I sign up for private sessions and one-on-one Yoga Therapy?

Each private class and Yoga Therapy session is designed with you in mind. Send us a message and tell us more about your situation, wellness goals, and availability. The information you provide will help us connect you with the right teacher or Yoga Therapist!

Once booked, we ask 24 hours notice to cancel or move a Private or Yoga Therapy session. We make exceptions for illness, otherwise cancelled classes without proper notice are billed at the cost of the class missed. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

How do I sign up for Yoga Teacher Training?

We'd love to get to know you better and gain a sense of how we can help guide you along this phase of your Yoga journey! Connect with us via fill out our form to apply for admission into Yoga Circle Downtown's Teacher Training Program.

I want to bring Yoga to my office or organization! What's the first step?

Yoga is an excellent stress reliever and wellness tool that can enhance corporate culture and team dynamics. Send us an send us a message and find out more. In short order, your organization, too, can begin enjoying the benefits of on-site Yoga.

Come Prepared

What should I bring to class/my private session?

Bring your mat and wear clean, comfortable clothes that permit movement. We also recommend bringing water and a face towel.

Rental mats are available for $1. Alternatively, we also offer mats for purchase; prices start at $25. Bottled water is also available for $1.

This practice builds heat and in many cases, you will sweat — feel free to bring a mat towel just in case.

No hair tie? No problem! We have complimentary hair ties available in the cubbies to keep your luscious locks in place.

Do you provide props?

Yoga props such as blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters are available for in-class use free of charge.

Is it cool if I eat before class?

Avoid eating at least two hours before class—but you should not be "starving," either. If necessary, snack on something **very** light in the hour before class. Once we begin deep Yogic breathing, the body's digestive process slows down as we transfer that energy to the cleansing process that Yoga jumpstarts. Food in the system stymies this process.

If weight loss is a goal, practicing on an empty stomach will allow the body to tap into fat stores for energy.

Additionally, engaging poses that require varying degrees of stomach compression will be decidedly unpleasant when your belly is full.

Adequate hydration is a must. Drink water at regular intervals prior to class (a good practice throughout your day in general), and take small sips of water and hold in mouth for absorption during your practice if you need a refresher.

Group Classes and Workshops

I'm a beginner and have never practiced Yoga before. Where should I start?

First of all, welcome to Yoga Circle! We recommend starting with our free Alignment and Breath class, held at noon on the first Saturday of the month. In this class, you'll get acquainted with yogic breathing and learn proper alignment in foundational poses, preparing you for a safe and stable practice.

From there, explore the group classes on our schedule! Simple Flow is great if you're still working on alignment and syncing movement with breath. *With the exception of Power Flow* (which requires physical conditioning and a strong foundational practice), all our classes are designed for practitioners across mixed levels. Teachers provide alignment cues and pose modifications, allowing for accessibility and challenge as appropriate.

Each teacher brings their own unique style and energy to the studio. We encourage you to take advantage of our New Student Special ($35 for two weeks or $49 for one month), check out a range of classes that work with your schedule, and find the best fit for you.

What can I expect in a Power Flow class?

Power Flow is an advanced, fast-paced vinyasa class that incorporates strength building; long, complex sequencing; and challenging poses... all powered by the breath. We recommend coming in with prerequisite physical conditioning, a strong foundational vinyasa and breath practice, and an awareness of pose modifications that work for your body.

Throughout the class, you'll test your flexibility, go upside down, and dig deep into your core to find strength within. Expect to work hard and receive lots of encouragement!

Most importantly, listen to your body and take breaks when necessary. You know your body best — honor it and the practice will honor you.

I want to check out the Arm Balance and Inversion Workshop... but I can barely do crow pose. Can I still attend?

Absolutely! We provide a welcoming, lighthearted environment for yogis across ability levels to grow and explore these challenging poses safely. Come prepared with a great attitude and willingness to learn... and get ready to build strength, face your fear, and surprise yourself!