Class Descriptions

Yoga is for every body. Group classes at Yoga Circle Downtown cater to practitioners across mixed levels. Teachers offer adjustments to address your needs, making a pose either easier or more challenging.

Our teachers bring their unique styles to the classes they teach… all rooted in traditional Yogic practices and principles! We encourage you to check out a variety of classes and find the perfect match.

Classes marked with an asterisk ( * ) are not recommended for absolute beginners—prerequisite foundational practice and physical conditioning suggested.

Alignment & Breath

Knekoh teaches the First Saturday of the month

Designed for first timers and as a refresher for the seasoned practitioner, this complete practice addresses Yoga fundamentals and focuses on the details of alignment, form, and breath work. You’ll leave refreshed and empowered with tools and techniques for a safe and fulfilling Yoga practice.

Inclusive Yoga for EVERY body

If you have felt you were not strong enough, or flexible enough or skinny enough or young enough for Yoga this is the class for you.
An inclusive class for EVERY BODY.
We’ll use common household items such as chairs and shoeboxes, pillows and blankets to support the body as we open, lengthen and strengthen the body and mind. Welcome yourself into this practice and discover the delight of aging backwards.

Mixed Level Flow

An invigorating and energizing vinyasa flow practice designed to challenge individuals across a range of ability levels. Cultivates heat, builds strength, and facilitates openness and flexibility.

Morning Yoga

Start your day the Yogic way. Awaken your body and mind. Stretch and strengthen and meditate your way into the perfect day.

Lunch Hour Yoga

A one-hour complete practice. Restore, revitalize, and energize on your lunch break.

Moonlight Yoga

The perfect end to a long day. Decompress, flow into stillness, and prepare the mind and body for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Power Flow *


Challenge your limits, evolve your practice, and amaze yourself in this high-energy class designed for practitioners seeking to advance to the next level.

Radiant Flow and Meditation

Generate some serious heat flowing through vinyasa and kriya, and cultivate stillness and focus through meditation. You’ll be radiant; glowing both inside and out!

Solar Flow

Flow between and within poses powered by the creative energies of the sun. Warm up like the rising sun and cool down like a beautiful sunset.

Therapeutic Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders

Led by a certified Yoga Therapist. Perfect for those seeking relief from old impact and progressive injuries, as well as preventative care.

A healing and restorative practice that focuses on soothing the neck and shoulders. Tackles issues such as “computer neck” and frozen shoulder as well as common aches and pains from daily life.

Therapeutic Yoga for the Lower Back and Spine

Led by a certified Yoga Therapist. Perfect for those seeking relief from old impact and progressive injuries, as well as preventative care.

A healing and restorative practice focusing on the lower back and proper spinal alignment. Tackles issues such as slipped disks and sciatica as well as common aches and pains from daily life.

Yoga & Meditation

Strengthen, lengthen, and cleanse via asana (postures) and kriya (cleansing movement). Then, sink into stillness through pranayama (breath work) and yoga nidra (meditation).

Yin Flow

A slow-paced vinyasa flow class that encourages flexibility and strength. Poses are held for longer periods of time, allowing you to stretch your way to health, happiness, and relaxation.

Restorative Yoga

Relax, unwind, and reset. We’ll utilize props like blankets, bolsters, straps, and blocks to support, protect, and open the body. Experience pranayama (breath work), adhara asana (supported poses) and meditation to stimulate and rejuvenate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing stress to evaporate.

Kundalini Yoga

Previously believed to be too powerful for the general populace, kundalini yoga is an ancient practice from India that has only been taught in public for the last 50 years. The Master who boldly began teaching it openly in the west in 1969, Yogi Bhajan believed that we each have a responsibility to better society through mindfulness and compassion, and he dedicated his life to making his vision of practical spirituality a reality.

Kundalini has a philosophical purpose to awaken your Higher Self - your truest and most complete potential. The sacred and scientific technology uses a dynamic combination of physical movement (asana), pranayama (breath), meditation (dhyana) and relaxation to activate a person’s latent energy and make it kinetic. Awakening this life force energy increases our nervous system’s capacity to both manage stress and more easily enter into states of true relaxation, brings about sustained states of happiness and fulfillment, and balances the endocrine system slowing down the aging process. Kundalini is also one of the most powerful tools for mental health. Using dynamic meditations, the practice can eradicate old mental patterning paving a path for new habits, ideas and inspiration.

*Ultimately there is a lot one can know about Kundalini Yoga and yet, you don’t have to know a single thing in order to try it out. Absolutely no experience is necessary and students can always modify any posture to suit their ability. It is a practice that meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go.

Workshops and Special Events

Check back periodically to find out about our next Yoga Retreat.

Our last retreat was in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico



Arm Balance and Inversion Workshop

A two-and-a-half hour workshop held on the second Saturday of the month from 2:30 to 5:00 pm. 15 class package holders/teacher trainees; 25 walk ins.

Learn challenging Yoga arm balances and inversions and expand your practice in a lighthearted and supportive environment. You’ll build strength, find equilibrium, fall (safely!), explore and fine-tune complex transitions, and learn to trust your body. Not recommended for absolute beginners. (If you’re still finding your wings in crow pose or headstand, we suggest attending Knekoh’s Simple Flow class on Monday evenings.)

Yoga and Sound Bath

Seasonal celebrations held during solstices and equinoxes.

Bask in the cleansing and balancing energies of Mother Earth’s seasonal shifts. A lush, ethereal soundscape provides the perfect backdrop for a restorative journey featuring supported Yoga postures, meditation, and breathwork. Release what no longer serves, honor your path, and open yourself to possibilities. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and revitalized from head to toe!