Our Teachers

Meet the talented and dedicated teachers of Yoga Circle Downtown!


Knekoh Frugé

Knekoh Frugé, C-IAYT, YTRx, E-RYT

Knekoh Frugé, our founder, has been practicing Yoga in one form or another for more than 35 years. It all began in 1983 when a moment of kismet brought her to a class at Louisiana State University simply titled “Movement.” Incorporating an eclectic blend of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and more, this class introduced her to the discipline and beauty of profound energy work and set her on a lifelong journey.

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Rob Zabel

Rob Zabel, MA, E-RYT

Spend time with Rob Zabel, and you’ll be amazed at the depth and breadth of his knowledge of all things Yoga! Rob is our resident Yoga philosophy and Sanskrit scholar. An eager student of Yoga and meditation for most of his life, Rob earned his master’s degree from Loyola Marymount University’s acclaimed Yoga Studies program in 2017. Rob infuses each class with warm energy, in-depth knowledge, profound love of the tradition, and an ever-present smile.

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Jacqui Estrada

Jacqui Estrada

Jacqui Estrada’s life was forever altered when profound heartbreak drew her to her first Yoga class at Yoga Circle Downtown in 2013. She realized that her heart called for more than what she already experienced… and knew that she had found the passion she was seeking in Yoga. After years of diligent, committed practice, she took the leap and trained for over a year as an apprentice under Yoga Circle Downtown’s founder, Knekoh Frugé.

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Ivorie Jenkins

Ivorie Jenkins, E-RYT

Ivorie Jenkins is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT instructor trained and certified by Annie Carpenter and Noah Mazé. She is also the Director of Programming at Youth Yoga, a local non-profit bringing Yoga and meditation to Los Angeles youth. Ivorie is one of Yoga Circle Downtown’s resident Yoga Therapists currently continuing these studies at Loyola Marymount University. Additionally, she is a graduate of Northwestern University and a professional dancer with over 18 years of training and experience to contribute to your instruction.

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Rita Oliveira Turner

Rita Oliveira Turner

Rita Oliveira Turner’s passions for music and spirituality took root at a young age. She first picked up a bassoon at the age of 10, and has been fascinated ever since. At the same time, “I have always been an empath and a seeker of divine connections,” she explains. By the time she acquired her first Tibetan singing bowl at age 27, she had mastered the bassoon, left her small hometown in Portugal to study at the University of Classical Music in Lisbon, trained under one of her favorite bassoonists in Sweden, and established a career as a musician and music teacher.

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Jeanne Hancock

Jeanne Hancock

Jeanne Hancock was inspired by spirituality at a very early age, and was drawn to the practice of Yoga as a means to reconnect with her true self. In 2017, she felt a strong call to leave her busy music and fashion career behind, commit to her Yoga practice, and dedicate her life to wellness. A Yoga practitioner for over 15 years, Jeanne earned her RYT 200-hour certification in 2018. Since then, she’s taught approachable and intuitive Yoga in surf camps in El Salvador and Morocco, small groups throughout Los Angeles, and now, at Yoga Circle Downtown.

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Bianca Reinhardt

Bianca Reinhardt

Bianca Reinhardt discovered Yoga while recovering from shoulder surgery as a student at The University of Bremen in northern Germany. She walked into a class called Power Yoga searching for ways to strengthen and stretch, and realized how good it felt to breathe and move. With her background in gymnastics and rhythmic dance, Bianca immediately embraced the breath-powered flow and harmony intrinsic to Yogic movement. She was captivated by the total body engagement achieved by synergistic interactions of mind, body, and breath.

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