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Kayli Nishime

Kayli Nishime

Kayli Nishime took her first Yoga class in 2013 at a small studio in Davis, CA. Like many, she found the practice life changing. “I truly believe Yoga was the missing piece during my depression treatment that helped ‘rewire’ my brain,” she says.

A former competitive figure skater, Kayli acknowledges that she is a “creator at heart.” Through Yoga, she reconnected with that “happy place” of artistic self-expression as she moved her body through shapes powered by breath. While she believes that there’s a time to be fast and a time to be slow, she particularly enjoys the empowering strength of vinyasa Yoga, relishing the strength and fluidity intrinsic to the practice.

Eager to grow her practice and share the benefits of Yoga, Kayli graduated from Yoga Circle Downtown’s 200-hour Teacher Training Program in 2018. “What I love most about Yoga is that it is for every ‘body,’ she reflects. “When I come to my mat, I am forced to let go of the idea of ‘perfect’ and greet myself with acceptance. Yoga has been one of the greatest gifts given to me by my teachers that I hope to pay forward to my students.”

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