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Stephen James

Stephen James

From a young age, Stephen James felt a deep connection with Yoga and knew that it was going to be a big part of his life. “There are few things that make me feel as good as Yoga does,” he says. “Practicing Yoga makes everything in my life brighter and better!”

Stephen in Marichyasana Stephen’s connection with Yoga deepened when he moved to Hawaii in 2012. There, he saw his knowledge, love, and practice expand beyond what he thought possible. When he returned to Los Angeles a year later, he immediately received his 200-hour certification and began teaching.

Stephen in Kalyasana For Stephen, Yoga isn’t just exercise — it’s a way of life. In his classes, you’ll build strength and create space in the body through deep exploration into poses, fluid vinyasa, and yogic breath. As a musician and singer-songwriter, Stephen finds great joy in delivering a carefully curated playlist that perfectly complements each class. At the end, students luxuriate in his signature otherworldly savasana serandes as they settle into the rewards of their practice.


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