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Bianca Reinhardt

Bianca Reinhardt

Bianca Reinhardt discovered Yoga while recovering from shoulder surgery as a student at The University of Bremen in northern Germany. She walked into a class called Power Yoga searching for ways to strengthen and stretch, and realized how good it felt to breathe and move. With her background in gymnastics and rhythmic dance, Bianca immediately embraced the breath-powered flow and harmony intrinsic to Yogic movement. She was captivated by the total body engagement achieved by synergistic interactions of mind, body, and breath. From there, she felt different muscle groups interacting to achieve body control, experiencing a deeper connection between mind and body in every pose.

As an engineer at SpaceX, Bianca’s life can get busy and stressful. Yoga and meditation allow her to tune out, find balance, and connect with peace and tranquility within. Like many, she quickly reaped the rewards of regular practice. Her productivity and focus improved, anxiety and stress melted away, and her work performance and overall happiness soared.

These simple realizations inspired Bianca to learn more about Yoga and deepen her practice. She joined Yoga Circle Downtown’s teacher training program and in doing so, found herself in a community of like minds. Bianca soon found herself extolling the benefits of Yoga to anyone who asked. She enthusiastically spoke of the many ways Yoga enhances her life, recommending to others that they give it a try. As a teacher, Bianca welcomes the opportunity to share her practice and her story with each and every student.

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