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Jeanne Hancock

Jeanne Hancock

Jeanne Hancock was inspired by spirituality at a very early age, and was drawn to the practice of Yoga as a means to reconnect with her true self. In 2017, she felt a strong call to leave her busy music and fashion career behind, commit to her Yoga practice, and dedicate her life to wellness. A Yoga practitioner for over 15 years, Jeanne earned her RYT 200-hour certification in 2018. Since then, she’s taught approachable and intuitive Yoga in surf camps in El Salvador and Morocco, small groups throughout Los Angeles, and now, at Yoga Circle Downtown.

With her teaching rooted in traditional Indian lineage, Jeanne continues to grow and evolve her Yogic knowledge through intense study of Indian philosophy, along with annual trips to India to learn in ashrams. In her classes, she draws from her background as a Reiki practitioner/energy healer, focusing on moving the body’s energy through the chakras through asana, strong pranayama, and essential oils. Additionally, students benefit from Jeanne’s many years of experience as a DJ in Paris—“I curate my playlists with care, working in vibrant sounds to accompany the asanas,” she says.

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