Ivorie Jenkins

Ivorie Jenkins

Ivorie Jenkins is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT instructor trained and certified by Annie Carpenter and Noah Mazé. She is also the Director of Programming at Youth Yoga, a local non-profit bringing Yoga and meditation to Los Angeles youth. Ivorie is one of Yoga Circle Downtown’s resident Yoga Therapists currently continuing these studies at Loyola Marymount University. Additionally, she is a graduate of Northwestern University and a professional dancer with over 18 years of training and experience to contribute to your instruction.

Sukhasana Most recently, Ivorie spent the last several years performing with the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil. Her dance experience spans Cirque du Soleil shows; touring nationally with various repertory companies; and performing in films, commercials, and industrials.

Ivorie’s most recent travels took her to India — the motherland of Yoga — for three months of what she calls “Soul Travel!” This immersion enhanced her personal practice, leaving her with a broader understanding of Yoga as a discipline that transcends the physical.

Ivorie doing Warrior I pose As an instructor, Ivorie is inspired by a love of movement, travel, and wonderment of the human body. At Yoga Circle Downtown, her classes focus on Yoga Therapy with a strong emphasis on alignment and healing. Since a big part of Yoga is finding Sattva (balance), she also encourages a more subtle inquiry of how asana and breathwork ultimately lead to inner calm, contentment, and self-awareness.

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